Design: Impact and Challenge

Design has become as pervasive in the language of business as innovation, and rightly so. Deeply understanding the user, the importance of form and function, and expanding the possibilities of business models and service has propelled companies like Apple to blistering growth and profitability. Design is changing, not only because of new technologies like rapid prototyping and a sharing culture, but in the ways in which design is impacting both new and traditional industries. This Thursday, October 16, Northeastern University will explore these trends with an interdisciplinary conference, bridging schools, academia and practice. The day-long conference, DESIGN: Impact and Challenge, will be an eclectic mix of designers, business leaders, and academics. Four panel discussions will take place, discussing the implications of new design practices the impact of design on industries such as healthcare and finance, the challenges and opportunities facing design in the ever iterating world of agile prototyping, and the role of intellectual property. The keynote will be given by Lee Moreau, Principal of Continuum, a leading design and innovation firm. Join the conversation by following the #DAmoreMcKim on our social media channels.



Tucker Marion
Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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